Winter Tips for Paver Care

December 19, 2016

Winter tips for paver care

December is off to a snowy start and it looks like we’ll have definitely have a white Christmas!


With more snow coming, you’ll want to be careful how you clear a brick paver or stone driveway or walkway to maintain it and reduce damage. Here are a few tips:

Use caution when applying any de-icing chemicals and be careful to not overdo it. We recommend:

  • Calcium based products
  • Rock salt (sodium chloride)

Avoid using magnesium-based products, as they are very aggressive and may cause damage to the surface.

It’s also best to use a plastic shovel wherever possible, and attach plastic blade protectors to your snow plows or snow blowers. Avoid metal blades on plows, since they may scratch the surface.

Holiday events around the metro area

Looking for things to do while the kids are off school? Here are a few events in the metro area that sound fun to us!

  • Holidazzle is a special tradition that brings people from all over the region together to celebrate in a Winter Wonderland here in Downtown Minneapolis. It’s about storie