Winter Preparations

November 10, 2020

It can be a sad thing to haul in your patio plants, store your outdoor furniture, and cover the grill for the last time of the season. Whether you’re a snow bird heading for a warmer climate or a snow-loving Minnesotan who sticks around to enjoy the cross-country skiing and hot cocoa, we’re here to help you prepare for the long winter ahead.

Landscaping winter preparations Minnesota

A kitchen herb garden allows you to enjoy a little piece of the outdoors in the warmth of your home. It’s nice to add a little greenery to your culinary environment once the leaves outside are gone and the days of cooking outdoors come to a close. An herb garden is easy to maintain and fun to experiment with. Have the kids help you select which herbs to grow based on your favorite foods. Basil and oregano are good picks if Italian cuisine is your go-to. Or opt for mint and thyme, which can be dried and sipped as tea on a cool evening. Most herbs just need water and a window and they do the work for you!

Have you ever considered implementing additional landscape lighting during the winter months? With the limited amount of daylight from Nov-Feb as well as the fact that things can get a little slick, that extra boost of illumination in key areas, like your entry walkway or backyard could actually help make your trek from the mailbox to your front door safer. With energy efficient options ranging from motion sensored spotlights to solar string lights, picking your favorite could take some time!

Landscape lighting winter preparations Minnesota

Now for an activity that isn’t necessarily fun, but one that is necessary if you want to give your patio pavers longevity. In order to keep pavers from discoloring, molding, and shifting during the winter months, it’s important to keep them maintained. Sweeping, washing, and sealing your pavers is a sure way to keep them looking their best year after year. If you’re into DIY there are many tutorials available online with step-by-step instructions on how to seal your pavers to keep them in place and draining properly. Once the snow starts to fall, using a plastic shovel will avoid scratches and your four-footed friends will appreciate it if you opt for calcium magnesium acetate, an eco-friendly alternative to rock salt when de-icing. 

We may have differing opinions on the subject of winter, but sharing a love of gardening, safe walkways and pristine pavers is something we all have in common here!

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