What is a Rain Garden? And Why are they Important?

June 8, 2016

What is a Rain Garden? And Why are they Important?

A Rain Garden is a shallow depression in the ground that allows water to slowly infiltrate the soil during rainstorms. Water also gathers in the garden from  rooftops, sidewals, driveways and patios. The garden serves as a natural filter to prevent pollutants from entering our lakes, rivers and streams.

“I like rain gardens because they are a great solution for reducing water runoff and can easily be incorporated into the landscape design,” says Tom Hoese, owner of Magnolia Landscape & Design. “They can be as simple as a low area in the yard with plantings selected for the soil and moisture conditions to a drainage system designed to accommodate the roof water and runoff from a property.”

Rain gardens act as a sponges, drawing water into the soil and help replenish the groundwater supply. Native plants are ideal for rain gardens because they are beautiful, hardy and deep-rooted… and they help attract birds and butterflies.

For more information on rain gardens, check out the University of Minnesota Extension office or this guide from Better Homes and Gardens.

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