Understated Holiday Decorating

November 23, 2020

Understated Holiday Decorating

You don’t need to have the flashiest house on the block to show your holiday spirit. This month, we’re exploring a few simple, yet chic ideas to dress up your door, your porch, and even your mailbox with a little holli-dazzle! 

We all know that wreaths seem to be the obvious go-to for a classic-looking front door during the month of December, but there are so many fun variations on the wreath that we wanted to get you thinking outside the box a bit. From burlap & sage to pinecones & cloves, there are endless possibilities for constructing an enchanting (and sweet-smelling) holiday wreath that will compliment your winter space. For a few beautiful DIY ideas to get your creative wheels spinning look at these DIY wreath ideas!  A hanging basket can also be a nice alternative to a wreath if you’re looking to mix it up this year. Get the kids involved in picking out cedar boughs, birch twigs, and winter berries, and see what kind of one-of-a-kind decoration you can bedeck your door with!  

A simple bundle of birch logs placed alongside a flannel-draped Adirondack chair adds a subtle holiday charm to your entryway. Small, potted evergreen trees, which you can transplant into orchard baskets or galvanized tubs will make it through our unforgiving Minnesota winters and can be lit with white lights and hung with rotating ornaments that you make as a family. Vintage ice skates or grandpa’s wooden cross country skis intentionally placed and decorated with holly are also tastefully elegant options to “spruce” up your porch.

Your mailbox may not see a lot of love during the rest of the year, but your postal carrier might enjoy a little extra holiday cheer when they make their way through the elements to bring you your packages. Adding some pine boughs and sturdy ornaments to your mailbox will make going out to collect your parcels worth the walk through the snow! 

Whether you choose to decorate a little…or a lot, we share your enthusiasm for the season and always enjoy a stroll or drive through the neighborhood during the holidays. Hopefully, we’ve given you some inspiration for livening up your home and spreading good tidings. 


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