Time to Winterize!

November 17, 2021

As we prepare ourselves for the onset of winter, there are a few preventative measures that, if taken, will help to see our patios through the coldest months without detriment. Being that most of us use our patios for 3 seasons, it’s important not to neglect them during the winter- in other words, out of sight should not mean out of mind! Here’s a little to-do list to help you with your winterizing:

  • Sweep & Seal Pavers

This will prevent seepage and possible cracking as temperatures fluctuate. An added benefit is that it also helps offset mold build-up. Continue sweeping through the winter if possible. The clearer they stay, the longer they will last. 

  • Clean Your Gutters

Leaky gutters are no good… and neither are small trees growing out of them! Keeping gutters free of leaves and other debris ensures that they will be less likely to crack during our unforgiving MN winters. 

  • Remove Patio Furniture 

Put it indoors if possible. This is truly the best way to get longevity out of your investment. If that’s not possible then covering- or at the very least periodically sweeping the snow from your furniture is better than letting it sit all winter without any attention. The exception is your grill. Grills can generally withstand the elements as long as they are covered snugly. Finding a well-fitting cover is the key here.

  • Backfill Holes

If you spot any areas of erosion around your patio, be sure to fill them with soil. These little holes are prime places for water to collect and ultimately freeze if not dealt with. Over time these little frozen areas can cause shifting and cracking. 


Once winter does hit, use a plastic shovel for snow removal, try a salt alternative like sand, birdseed, or coffee grounds, and only de-ice as often as is necessary to add longevity to your patio. It’s going to be a little while before we can use them again, but our patio investments are worth protecting!

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