Stylish Fall Spaces

September 25, 2020

Fall winds will soon be heading our way, so there’s no better time to take advantage of the final days of summer. We have a few late-season ideas to get the most out of your courtyard, patio, and seasonal garden. Why roll up your entertaining plans for the year just because the temps are dipping a bit? With a few simple adjustments, you can get your spaces ready for sweater season! 

Just a simple arrangement of striking containers on your front porch can work wonders for livening up your entrance. Rotating decor by season helps to keep your aesthetic fresh and gives your neighbors something pleasant to look at! Classic pottery showcasing seasonal blooms, metallic or wooden boxes bursting with autumnal foliage, even baskets laden with fall produce can all be options to spruce up your porch. Get the kids involved and make it a fun family project! 

It’s important to contrast different colors and textures when trying to draw the eye to a particular feature of your lawn or patio. For instance, planting a plume of tall grass in your garden that will sway in the breeze will add playful movement to an otherwise still scene. Maiden Grass, Switchgrass, and Little Bluestem are all good options here in Zone 4B. Little Bluestem even turns from blue-green to red in the fall. By adding shorter, heartier varieties of plants around or in front of your decorative grass, you will get bold, structural forms, creating more interest in your gardens.

Emphasize your courtyard with late-blooming flowers and ornamental edibles to keep your gathering spaces looking vibrant and appealing. Being able to enjoy your summer kitchen or outdoor seating area well into the fall will help you get the most out of your investment. Put out a few cozy blankets, light a fire in the chiminea, and enjoy a cup of hot apple cider in style!


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