Spring Lawn Care In Minneapolis

April 23, 2021

After another Minnesota winter, chances are your lawn is needing a spring spa day right about now. If the snow has melted away only to reveal patches of thatch, ice mold, and dead grass along your sidewalks, we can completely sympathize. We’re offering up a few easy treatments to get your lawn looking its best for the warmer months ahead. 

Minneapolis Spring Lawn Care Landscaping

Clearing thatch, the insidious dead debris that slowly builds up at the base of grass, is easy to remove with a few swift passes of your rake. Get a nice arm workout as you loosen trouble areas! Or take things a step further and rent an aerator, which will allow water and oxygen to penetrate the roots, assuring a healthier-looking lawn.

Ice mold is a cold season fungus that manifests in the discoloration of your grass. The constant barraging of winter ice and snow your lawn has to undergo in this climate means a little extra TLC is prudent in the springtime. Again, with just a rake, you can loosen those patches of grey grass and reseed if the areas are severely damaged. 

Are you a winter salter? You may want to reconsider switching to sand or kitty litter if you’re seeing some harsh repercussions on your lawn. Adding a thin layer of pelletized or granular gypsum to the spots that are showing distress near your walkways or the edges of your driveway will neutralize the salt with calcium and sulfur. Ultimately, there are better choices for your grass, pets, and the environment than salt, you just need to weigh the pros and cons of each.

Minneapolis Spring Lawn Care Landscaping

Spring is a delightful time of year for we Minnesotans. Most of us get a kick out of some yard maintenance and the results are certainly a thing of pride. Dust off those yard tools and have some fun getting your outdoor spaces ready for a summer of grilling, pit fires, and family time!

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