Spring Landscape Planning

February 18, 2022

March is just around the corner and with it comes, longer days, warmer temps, and visions of your landscaping goals for 2022! With evening frosts still inevitable, we can’t be too ambitious but we can start thinking about things like spring plant maintenance, replacing hardscapes, and incorporating water features into your outdoor spaces. Hopefully, the notion of these things only adds to your excitement for the ever-closer spring thaw! 

To keep your shrubs and trees from becoming overgrown, be sure to trim the new growth each spring. Staying on top of this will keep them from looking unsightly and could also prevent you from having to replace them in the future. Cut back perennials left standing from overwintering and clean up any debris left behind from last fall. Leaves and plant debris can be added to your compost pile and given a good turn (since you likely haven’t done that in a while!) Unfortunately, the first greenery to pop up in the coming weeks will likely be weeds, so try adding cornmeal to lessen weed pressure in your garden beds. 

This is a good time of year to determine whether or not your current hardscapes should be updated or replaced. With the fluctuation in temps, it will be clear to see whether or not they hold up in the harsh weather or become slick when wet. Smooth surfaces like polished granite or concrete, especially if they are in high-traffic areas or are used by folks with limited mobility, may need to be treated with a slip-resistant coating. Stone pavers are a great alternative to concrete slabs, which commonly need repairs after a Minnesota winter. Heaving and cracking can happen in extreme temps, but fortunately, stone pavers are a great long-term investment with how easy they are to repair and replace. 

Spring is also an ideal time to think about a water feature because you’ll be able to utilize your new feature from the final frost until the fall. Whether you’re looking for something small like a bubbler or birdbath, or something grand like a waterfall or pool, taking the time now to plan out your desired look and effect will mean several seasons of enjoyment with whatever you choose. Think about whether the goal is to block traffic or neighborhood noise, to create ambiance, or to have something functional like a cosmetically appealing way to manage water diversion. A water feature can completely transform your outdoor space.

Most of us are feeling a little shack-happy after being cooped up from all the blustery weather. Planning landscaping upgrades and yard transformations for your home can be a real mood booster. Getting a jump on it will mean you’ll be able to schedule your work now and start your projects before those who are undecided on what to do and get a late start. Whether you need help with your trees, planning for your hardscapes, or creating the perfect water feature, we are here to listen and make your vision “spring” to life… no pun intended!

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