Spring Gardening Preparations in Minnesota

June 2, 2023

Spring is that wonderful time of year when the world around us awakens from its long, cold winter slumber. As the snow melts away and the weather begins to warm up, we can finally start thinking about preparing our gardens for the upcoming season. Here are some tips and tricks to consider while you shake the spider webs off your gardening tools and get ready for another Minnesota growing season!

Purple flowers

Clean up Debris

The first step in preparing your garden for the spring season is to clean up any debris that may have accumulated over the winter months. This can include fallen leaves, dead plants, and other organic matter that may have accumulated in your garden beds. Remove any old mulch and compost it or add it to a compost pile.

Prepare the Soil

Once you have cleared away any debris, it’s time to prepare the soil. This is a crucial step in ensuring that your plants will thrive during the growing season. Begin by adding compost or other organic matter to your garden beds. This will help to improve soil structure, add nutrients, and increase water retention.

Prune and Trim

Spring is the perfect time to prune back any trees, shrubs, or bushes that have become overgrown or damaged during the winter months- but hurry, as this should be done before the buds on the trees/shrubs begin to swell. Trees & shrubs should be left alone while they are budding out, minimizing stress on the plant. After they begin to bud, it’s best to wait until new growth has flushed out. With the heavy winds we’ve had lately, some trimming will likely be necessary for a lot of us and will help to promote healthy growth and prevent disease. Trimming back dead or damaged branches can also keep them from falling onto your plants and property.

Plan your Garden Layout

Take some time to plan out your garden layout for the upcoming season. Consider which plants you want to grow and where they will thrive best. This will help to ensure that you have a cohesive and functional garden that is both beautiful and productive.

Start your Seeds Indoors

We know a few of you have already started this because you just couldn’t wait, but if you plan on growing your own plants from seeds, now is the time to start them indoors. This will give them a head start and ensure that they are ready to transplant once the weather warms up. Be sure to follow the instructions on your seed packets to ensure that your plants grow strong and healthy.

Add New Plants

Finally, consider adding new plants to your garden. This can help to add variety and interest, while also providing important nutrients and habitat for pollinators and other wildlife. Be sure to choose plants that are well-suited to your growing conditions and that will thrive in your particular climate.

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Spring in Minnesota is a beautiful prospect after the long winter waiting period we’ve endured. By following these tips and tricks, you can ensure that your garden is healthy, vibrant, and productive throughout the summer growing season. Happy gardening!

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