Solutions for Diseased Plants in Minnesota

August 10, 2021

Our Minnesota trees and plants are part of the beauty and charm of your yard. They increase your home’s curb appeal, offer shade in the heat of summer, and can even provide sustenance if you’re growing any edible plants like herbs, fruits, or vegetables. Once disease strikes though, it can be difficult (and expensive) to rebound. But it can be done! Having an arborist out annually to inspect your property for disease is one way to be proactive about protecting the health of your trees specifically. 

Diseased plant solutions Minneapolis landscaping

Sometimes it can be difficult to diagnose plant disease, especially in hot, dry stretches like we are currently experiencing. For example, drought is really tough on plants and trees. The strain will oftentimes manifest in discoloration, which might be mistaken for disease, when in fact, a little watering would provide the solution. In addition, pests like Japanese beetles and underground grubs are pesky intruders who are always hungry, and can jeopardize your plant’s health. There are a lot of factors working against you when trying to maintain a healthy, green yard!

Luckily there are a battery of solutions available to help combat the pests, inclement weather, and fungi that want to sully your pristine property. Treatments such as soil injections will focus on insect control while fungal sprays for your fruit trees will prevent spots and discoloration. Fertilization and tree root injections can help keep Dutch Elm disease and Emerald Ash Borer outbreaks at bay. Regular watering (but not over-watering!) will ensure that your grasses, gardens, and potted plants look healthy and vibrant when Mother Nature isn’t able to keep up with the heat. 
If you’re looking for a few all-natural solutions to your plant problems, here is a great resource to get you on the path to a greener and more eco-conscious way of maintaining your plant health both in and out of doors.

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