Rock Your Backyard with Outdoor Speaker Systems

May 11, 2016

Rock Your Backyard with Outdoor Speaker Systems

We saw an outdoor speaker system at the Northern Green Expo this winter that grabbed our attention. Essentially, it’s a high quality speaker system with a subwoofer that – get this – is buried in your yard, using the density of the soil to enhance the sound. How cool is that?!

Subterrain woofers use the density of the soil to enhance sound.

The subwoofer, paired with 2 or 4 speakers, gives you a great outdoor sound system easily played via any Bluetooth device. And, you can design it to direct sound toward your entertaining space to avoid irritating the neighbors while you rock out (or just invite them to join you!)

Some outdoor speakers are built into “rocks” to blend easily into the landscape.

Once we started thinking about this, we looked for other ideas for backyard sound systems. Here are a few more – including floating speakers for swimming pools.

Designed to float along on the surface while you lounge in the pool, bath, or hot tub, the iSplash Floating Pool Speaker is a high-quality waterproof speaker that streams your favorite digital tunes from any Bluetooth-compatible device with a range of over 30 feet.

“I’m excited about the new technology that allows you to control features such as landscape lighting and irrigation with your tablet or phone,” says Alan Sanford, our foreman and project manager.

Studio Total (ST) is a small Scandinavian creative lab that’s working with experimental studio Pjadad to create the first loudspeaker that you can actually sit in. The AudioOrb is a large, spherical space made of Plexiglas that also serves to block out all outside noise. Inside, there are 18 mounted speakers ready to give you the ultimate audiophile experience.

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