Renewing Your Porches and Decks

August 31, 2022

Over the years, pets, kids, and the elements can take a toll on our decks and porches. While we’re still in the summer season, considering a deck rejuvenation could save you money and give your deck or porch a facelift- improving the overall look of your property.  Here are a few steps to lengthen the life of your investment so that you don’t have to prematurely replace it. 

1. Check for Needed Repairs

Particularly areas like posts or joists that make contact with the ground. These will naturally age more quickly and may need some extra attention or even replacement. Black spots, rusty bolts & screws, or soft spots in the wood are all signs that repairs are overdue. Replacing or tightening the rusted hardware and checking for loose areas on the decking and railings is the first place to put your attention. No sense in sanding and staining a wobbly structure! Aluminum railings shouldn’t need any replacing since they are rust-resistant, yet pollen and dust will likely have collected on them so giving them a rinse is a good habit to get into.