Rainwater collection: a great way to conserve water and maintain your landscape

September 12, 2019

Using a natural rainwater collection system, like a rain barrel, to collect and distribute rainwater to your lawn and gardens is a great way to practice sustainability. It conserves treated drinking water, and reduces the amount of water running off your property.

Rain water is better for plants and soil because it doesn’t contain the salts and flouride compounds found in treated drinking water.

There are several options to gather and reuse rainwater – from a simple gutter/barrel collector setup to a intricate system designed specifically for your property.

Carver County has five sites where stormwater is being used to irrigate balllfields and turf. They are Beise Addition, Chevalle, Club West, Copper Hills and Waconia School District.

For more inforation about Irrigating with rain water, visit Carver County’s website, or the State of Minnesota’s website.

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