Paver Maintenance in Winter

December 1, 2022

Pavers are durable and can take quite a bit of abuse from the winter elements, but let’s be honest; our winters are tough on just about everything. However, by taking a few precautionary measures, you can ensure that your investment will last through many a Minnesota winter!  Make sure your drains are clear, any cracks have been filled, and the proper ice deterrents are being used, and you will get the most longevity out of your pavers. 


The accumulation of debris and moisture can be detrimental to pavers. Be sure that you are diverting water away from those areas and that they are cleared of snow, plant roots, and anything else that water could penetrate. We’ve mentioned before that sealing pavers is a good practice- especially if your pavers are new. Give us a call if you’d like us to come and inspect the condition of yours to determine if this would be prudent. 

When considering de-icing options, sand will be the gentlest on your pavers and your pet’s paws! Chemicals can damage their surface area and make them look dull. Keeping these spaces cleared of snow and then laying down a layer of sand will ensure ice-free pavers while maintaining their structural integrity. If you must use salt, stick with natural rock salt. 


We can expect to spend a fair amount of our time shoveling during the next several months. Snow and ice build-up can cause cracking and algae & moss growth. They don’t need to be dry to the touch all the time, but keeping your pavers clean and dry will limit the amount of moisture absorption they will be subject to and will help with their longevity. Choosing the right shovel is essential in minimizing damage to your pavers. Metal shovels (as handy as they are) can chip and scratch them. Opting for a shovel with a plastic or rubber blade, using a plastic or rubber covering on your snowblower blade, and being cautious when shoveling will help keep your pavers looking their best. 

When thinking about landscaping investments, we must do what we can to protect them. Despite our climate being harsher than many other places, we can still have nice things- as long as we take the necessary measures to care for them.

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