Patios are in Season: How to Make the Most of Yours

June 5, 2020


The right accessories and furniture investment and arrangement will bring beauty and purpose to any patio or outdoor space. In these ever-changing times, whether you choose to entertain a small group of guests or simply enjoy the outdoors in comfort with family, these tips will help transform your patio into an outdoor space that allows you to get away from the stress of everyday life and enjoy the outdoors which is so therapeutic right now. It is even the number one recommendation by public health officials: enjoy nature! 

And regardless of age or culture, humans find nature pleasing. In one study cited in the book Healing Gardens, researchers found that more than two-thirds of people choose a natural setting to retreat to when stressed.” 

Personalize With Accessories

Make your outdoor living space a natural extension of the rest of your home. Choose a style and color palette that matches your interior if you wish or switch it up entirely and try a more bold  style that you have wanted to try but haven’t had the nerve. Personalize your patio with outdoor lighting, wall décor, and outdoor rugs. Add a pergola and plant vines around it so you can create a shaded area as well or even a perch from which to watch the rain roll in. 

Comfortable Seating

Provide you and your guests with a variety of options for seating. Your arrangement can even include social distancing 6 feet apart. With deep seating furniture, you’ll enjoy the outdoors in comfort. For entertaining, a patio dining set will provide the perfect setting to bring your guests together.

Maximize Available Space

Your patio will feel comfortable and open if you establish traffic patterns. Make sure there’s enough clearance around each piece of patio furniture so the area doesn’t feel cluttered. Arrange your furniture to create zones for conversation and dining. If space is at a premium, let your patio furniture do double duty. Benches and ottomans can provide storage space as well as seating. You can even make your fire ring into a coffee table on hot days!

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