Outdoor Spring Cleaning

April 8, 2022

Just as the insides of our homes need a good going-through each spring as we declutter and clean, so do our lawns and patio areas. Spring is the time to get ready for a lovely patio season after so many of us have been in hibernation mode for most of the winter months. Taking the opportunity when the April midwestern weather decides to cooperate is the best way to make your outdoor area pleasant and inviting- which will only add to your desire to get out there and enjoy it!

Get Rid of Refuse

The first step to lawn clean-up is getting rid of rubbish and debris. Roll up your sleeves, put on your gloves, and get ready to pick up after Old Man Winter. Dead branches, animal waste, and litter that may have blown in should be disposed of properly. Do not compost animal waste as it contains pathogens and should be bagged and put in the trash. If you raked last fall, chances are you will have avoided snow mold, so just push away any stubborn leaf remnants which will help to avoid thatch build-up. Lastly, cut away any dead leaves and stalks from your perennials that you may have missed in the fall, and prune back shrubs and trees. Make sure pruning is done before buds start to swell in the spring. If the buds are swelling and the tree/shrub is waking up, it should be left alone.