Three Things to Consider When Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen

March 31, 2016

Outdoor dining and cooking has become a staple in backyard entertaining spaces, and we love to design and install them!

Here are a few tips from Tyler, a landscape designer on our team:  ”The placement of the grill or outdoor kitchen deserves more thought than I think it typically receives.” says Tyler Wortz, landscape designer at Magnolia. “So often, the Grill Master is stuck in a corner somewhere with his/her back to the party.”


Here are 3 tips for perfect outdoor kitchen placement:

1. If the space allows, it’s great when a grill station allows the cook to face the dining area and be more included in the socializing that often comes with outdoor dining.  A built-in grill in an island with some counter or bar top space is a great solution.


2. Even without a full built in, it’s important to keep the cooking area relatively close to the kitchen access (without putting it in any common window views). This placement will make those multiple trips to the kitchen (for meats, seasonings, plates and proper Grill Master refreshments), as short as possible!


3. Keep drinks close at hand by installing a refrigerator close to the cooking station, too. You can keep beverages, vegetables and meats cold and fresh until grilling time.


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