Landscaping with Pets in Mind

August 21, 2020

Having a great outdoor space where your pets can safely roam and get a little exercise is one of the perks of being a homeowner! There are a few things to consider before transforming your yard into a doggie haven though. We have some helpful ideas to keep your pets safe & happy while keeping your yard looking fabulous! 

Pets are curious, so having little pathways & areas for them to explore will keep them occupied and out of mischief, as well as tire them out so they stay calm when back inside. Think of it as an aesthetically pleasing obstacle course for your furry friend! Add in a water feature so they have fresh water to drink on demand and eliminate the need to set out a bowl, which can get dirty and collect unwanted bugs. 

Considering what flowers and ground cover to use is also important, as there are some plants & mulch that are actually toxic for pets if ingested. Avoid Azalea, Lily of the Valley, and Tulip to name just a few. These cause symptoms ranging from vomiting to accelerated heart rate when eaten. For a full list of poisonous plants, take a peek at this resource from the ASPCA. Similarly, cocoa mulch is made from cocoa bean husks, which contain theobromine & caffeine. If your pet decides to nibble on this mulch, it could lead to the same negative effects as ingesting chocolate, so it might be wise to choose an alternative option when selecting a mulch with your pets in mind. 

Keeping a barrier between your home and the rest of the world is a good idea, but offering your pet the opportunity to peek out also gives them a bit of added interest when they’re experiencing the outdoors. A picket, wooden, or iron fence offers such an opportunity. We’ve even seen doggie bubbles installed into cedar fencing, as a little “window” to the world beyond. It’s a small detail, but it makes a difference to our fur babies!

Since our pets are part of the family, their safety and comfort are an important thing to consider when landscaping. With so many fun and striking options for pathways, water features, and fencing, it can be an enjoyable process to pet-proof your yard. We look forward to hearing all about how you created the perfect yard for your four legged friends!


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