Landscaping Tips For Fall

September 25, 2020

We often think of spring as the optimal time to be out in our yards, pruning and preening- preparing for a season filled with cookouts and lawn games. But fall, with its hot cider and bonfires is actually the time when our yards need the most TLC. We have some time and money saving tips to help ensure that your fall efforts pay off come springtime!

Even though the temps are cooler, your yard still needs water. Summers can take a toll on grass, and fall waterings will help your lawn recover from seasonal stressors. The extra hydration will also make your grass a little more robust as we enter into…winter!  For this very reason, fall is the most important time to fertilize. Late season waterings will ensure that the fertilizer dissolves and permeates where it should. Don’t forget to clear out your hose and sprinkler system with an air compressor at the end of the season. Here’s a handy guide on how to do it yourself.

Fall is the perfect time for reseeding trouble areas, or your whole lawn. As the heat of the summer subsides and is replaced with cool rains, you’ll have a much better success rate by waiting until September to seed. Aerating is another fall preventative measure to help ensure that your lawn will remain lush the following year. An aerator essentially assists the grass roots by providing easier access to air, nutrients, and water. Rent one for the day and feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that you had a hand in the beautification of your grass! The grand finale to your DIY fall lawn care is topdressing. Apply a thin layer of soil or compost to your turf and then gently rake it in to help prevent thatch (dead organic matter near the soil surface.) Be sure to clear any thatch that may have accumulated beforehand. 

We’d love for summer to stick around a little longer, but tackling a few of these harvest-time activities will give you some added one-on-one time in your yard. Additionally, it should give you a little sense of relief that you did what you could to get your lawn ready for what lies ahead!


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