It’s A Minnesota Winter Wonderland

January 24, 2023

It’s the time of year when gardeners and warm-weather outdoor enthusiasts might be getting a little shack happy. Here in Minnesota, we have been blanketed with an astonishing amount of snow, had to navigate unpredictable (and sometimes frigid) temperatures, and continue to exercise patience concerning the return of daylight. But there are ways to get through this cold, dark time while maintaining your sanity!

Visit an Arboretum or Conservatory

We are so fortunate in the Twin Cities area to have access to state-of-the-art facilities where we can get lost in the foliage and walk through humid, indoor ecosystems. It’s a great way to escape the elements and is also an opportunity to show your kids a plethora of plants- some of which you may want to incorporate into your spring gardens! From palms to pines, stroll through one of these magical places and let your imagination guide you toward inspiration for the coming warmer months. The sights and smells will be a welcome change from snowblower exhaust and wet winter clothing!


Take a Pottery Class

It may sound like an odd suggestion, but imagine decking out your patios and gardens with artsy pots that you made yourself! Northeast and South Minneapolis, as well as downtown Saint Paul all have thriving arts communities where independent potters host a variety of clay classes. For example, you could make a slab-style container to house succulents- or a pair of large ceramic containers to flank your entryway. Whatever you choose, this is another family-friendly activity where everyone can get involved. You’ll be able to show off your handiwork by filling your creations with beautiful blooms once these cold months conclude.


Start an Indoor Garden

Whether you’ve been coveting your friend’s hydroponic planter or just missing cooking with fresh herbs, you can bring a bit of edible greenery to your household with minimal upkeep. There is a wide range of hydroponic counter planter systems on the market. Try a layering technique with a row of miniature tomatoes, baby lettuce, and basil. Caprese salad will be on the menu in no time! Or take those homemade pots we mentioned earlier and make a little potted garden on your windowsill. Fill them with water and cuttings from your other indoor plants, or start some herbs from seed. This time of year, having a few fresh and homegrown ingredients can do wonders for morale. 


It may be cold, dark, and snowy, but we can still find little moments to recharge ourselves and get back into the gardening spirit. Before we know it, we will be back in our gardening gloves with dirt on both knees!

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