Is Landscaping Considered an Essential Business?

April 14, 2020

As the concerns surrounding COVID-19 continue to grow, as does the confusion on what is considered an “essential” business during this time.  Minnesota Governor Tim Walz extended the Stay at Home Order on April 8th, 2020 and in this new Executive Order, Governor Walz expanded on what businesses are now deemed “essential.”

Executive Order 20-33 states that the following industries are included under the food and agriculture category in being essential:

  1. “Workers supporting agricultural equipment repair service.
  2. Lawncare and landscaping workers.
  3. Workers supporting garden centers, stores, and nurseries, provided that such centers, stores, or nurseries adhere to guidance provided by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.
  4. Workers supporting florists for the sale for delivery only of perishable plant stock. Workers delivering perishable plant stock are strongly encouraged to drop off product at the front door of nursing homes and hospitals to avoid cont