Holiday Outdoor Decorating

December 14, 2021

It’s that time of year when we’re busy buying gifts, planning festive meals, and decking the halls, but what about decking the… deck?! With so many festive options and creative ideas out there, it can be a joyful task to bring a little holi-dazzle to your outdoor spaces. You’ll likely bring smiles to the faces of those who happen to be passing by or guests who stop in for a visit.


Remember those flower boxes that used to sit outside your windows and held vibrant floral arrangements? Well, those can be reconfigured to include boughs, berries, bows, and birch. Express yourself artistically and add your personal touches to make some lovely decorative winter window boxes. String up some popcorn garlands for the birds and add them to the mix- or pick up a few bouquets of silk poinsettias from your local craft store to add a pop of color to your window box. There are many places to seek inspiration- including your neighbors. Take a drive around your neighborhood and see how others have decked their spaces. Here’s a handy DIY tutorial when you’re ready to get started! Mull some cider… and maybe some wine, and turn the experience into a craft event with the kids, the neighbors, or your favorite friends. 

Let there be light! Being that it gets dark so early these days, it can be both fun and functional to add a little illumination to your outdoor areas. Consider placing votive-filled mason jars along your walkways to add a festive twinkle- as well as help you find your way in the evening when you’re bringing all those presents in from the car. Or try spotlighting a couple of areas such as the wreath on your front door or a decorated pine in your front yard. Looking out your window to a brightly lit tree can be a welcome little mood booster during these short days. 


Planning a handful of fun activities for the kids while they’re home on winter break can create family traditions- as well as keep everyone from going stir crazy! Whether it’s a day of sledding, ice skating, and hot chocolate, or art projects, these wholesome pastimes often bring you all closer and the kids will appreciate a change in the regularly scheduled programming. Creating a winter ice sculpture is one way to get the kids out of the house and add to the charm of your front or back yard. If you’re curious about this activity check it out here!
Putting your own personal touches on your holiday decorating is what makes it so enjoyable. Whether you like to go big and bold with vintage ornaments and lots of colors, or you take a more classic approach with a few white lights and candles in your windows, the choice is yours. Last year we highlighted some understated holiday decorating ideas so take a peek and see if it gets those artistic gears turning!

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