Holiday Gift-Giving for the Gardener in your Life

The season for bestowing gifts upon our loved ones is here! Even though winters are long for us Minnesotans, having a collection of fun and functional yard toys will give the gardeners in your life a little something to look forward to. These gift ideas for your favorite trimming, pruning, plant-loving friends & family are sure to be a hit this holiday. 

Why should the kids be the only ones to unpack a stocking this season?! We recommend an adult stocking filled with a set of pruning shears & trowel, a pair of stylish gardening gloves, and some seed packets. Tie them up with a piece of twine and a cute card, and wait for the smiles!

Next, we’ll offer up a few gift options that are a bit too large to fit into a stocking- but would be just perfect under the tree. Our first suggestion is a gardening stool or mat. It’s hard work deadheading roses and harvesting homegrown produce. Having a little perch for these types of DIY tasks shows that you’ve got your loved one’s back. Literally! Another thoughtful and practical gift is a sunhat. These can range from wide-brimmed visors to mosquito netted solar hats. Here’s an article to get your gears turning and give you a glimpse of the many options available. You could also get crafty and find a local pottery shop to custom design a set of flower pots. Have them glazed to match your decor… or get a gift certificate for a pottery class and make your own!

Now for the BIG gift ideas! A snowblower may be one of those presents that elicits equal parts joy and dread, but we all know that it sure beats shoveling when Mother Nature deals us a blizzard. What gardener wouldn’t love to find a brand-new wheelbarrow under the tree this year? Fill it with bags of potting soil and a gardening apron to utilize it’s bucket, and wrap it with a nice red bow! Leaf blowers, electric hedge trimmers, even a new lawnmower are all ideas to consider when holiday shopping for your green-thumbed friends and family. It may be a while before they get to use some of them (save for the snowblower) but ’tis the season for spreading joy, and we think these gift ideas will do just that.