Fall Yard and Patio Maintenance

September 26, 2022

With fall fast approaching, we’re thinking about mums, apples, and bonfires! Along with all the exciting fall foods and activities, there are a few worthwhile seasonal maintenance tasks that you might want to consider as the colder temps settle in and we brace for another Minnesota winter. 

Checking the condition of your sidewalks, patio pavers, and other hardscapes during the fall could help prevent damaged areas from becoming worse as temps fluctuate, and water seeps in. While we hope that your paver patio or sidewalk never moves and holds up to the rigors of MN Winters, there is always a chance that the soil beneath the paver system settles, bringing your pavers with it. The beauty of pavers is that this can be repaired and doesn’t have to be replaced. If you are seeing any settlement in your paver or stone patio system, give us a call this fall and we can help get things ready for winter.


Speaking of mums and apples, it’s the season to accentuate your yard and patio with a few little pops of color. With the leaves starting to change from green to gold, grasses fading, and flowering summer plants producing their final buds, there are a host of plants that will give you a gorgeous aesthetic and will last well into the fall. Check out this list of 30 ways to color your yard and let the planting begin! 

As for that fading grass, fall is a good time to patch with turf or sod. Sod responds well to moderate temps and lots of moisture, making autumn an ideal season to tackle this project. Make sure you choose a cool, overcast day so as not to add unnecessary stress on the grass. Start by preparing the soil. Clear all impediments like rocks and branches from the area. It’s a good idea to do a soil test to see if you need to add anything to the soil such as lime or ash because your sod will have a better chance to thrive if the pH levels are balanced. Next, fill in low spots with topsoil and/or organic matter, and break up any clumps and rake them so that the area you are sodding is smooth and level. Stagger your sod slightly as you would if laying bricks and be sure that the pieces are sitting tightly together. Finally, run a sod roller over the surface of your work and water daily. Sit back and enjoy your lovely new lawn! 


Fall is of course the precursor to winter, but we still have plenty of time to get out and enjoy our yards and patios while taking on some valuable projects in the glorious weather.

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