Enhance Your Yard With a Water Feature

July 20, 2022


No matter the size of your yard or patio area, a water feature is something you can add that will provide a focal point, soothing sounds, and gentle movement in your overall aesthetic. Ranging from as simple as a potted bubbler to as dramatic as a cascading waterfall, the choice is yours in how you would like to incorporate this lovely element into your outdoor decor. We’ll go over several options to hopefully help guide you in your decision-making!


Fountains are not only calming for us humans- but they also offer a reprieve for delicate wildlife such as birds and butterflies. Providing an inviting spot for our winged friends can create a more immersive natural experience for you and your family for those times when you decide to soak up the ambiance relaxing or recreating in your backyard. There are fountains so tiny they would fit inside your hand and so grand they would require a cleaning crew to maintain. Of course, there is also a sweet spot in between where we’re guessing many of you fall. Fountains have a classic elegance. Integrating one into your patio area can give it new life while creating a conversation piece without an entire makeover. Like most things in life, fountains do require regular upkeep. If you are considering a fountain as your water feature, here are some maintenance items to note



Waterfalls can be incorporated into your landscaping as pool additions, as part of a flow path into a pond, or as a stand-alone feature. They are extremely versatile in their aesthetic and can be built to compliment just about any decorative style. Constructed out of everything from natural stone or brick to concrete or tile, the sky is the limit! Considering what they imply, waterfalls actually don’t take up very much space and the maintenance is rather low-especially if you are adding the feature onto a pool or pond that you already care for. The serene sound of a flowing waterfall is something that many vie for. To be able to have one in your own backyard is priceless. Can you feel your blood pressure lowering at the mere thought?!


Column Bubblers

If you’re looking for something more unique, you might consider opting for a geometric column bubbler. Place them at the end of your driveway for a stately welcome or add them into your backyard landscaping for a fun and interesting design element. Varying in size and shape, column bubblers can be installed to fit your space limitations and their natural look blends well with many outdoor environments. Without a visible water source, they appear to be an optical illusion! Fitted internally with PVC pipe and sitting atop a valve box and pump, the columns are erected and then attached to an autofill valve which is connected to your main irrigation line. So no refilling on your part. It might look like magic but it is pretty straightforward once you get right down to it! 


Being able to make your yard a thing of pride and beauty- one where you can escape, unwind, and enjoy your downtime makes it worth the investment. Our summers may be short, but here in Minnesota, we know how to ring every last drop out of them!

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