Choosing Kid-Friendly Patio Furniture for Your Minneapolis Backyard

August 19, 2021

Not only do kids like to be outside, they also yearn to be included in whatever the adults are doing. Keeping this in mind when deciding on patio furniture is a good idea so that your tykes are happy and your investment doesn’t get destroyed once playtime starts! 


From a safety perspective, choosing furniture and features with rounded corners and edges could help prevent bumps, bruises, or worse- impromptu trips to the ER. It’s natural for kids to get excited. Unfortunately, this excitement is sometimes accompanied by a loss of spatial awareness. Keeping your furniture lightweight enough to relocate a few pieces if the kids need some open space- but sturdy enough to prevent it from breaking if they decide to use your lounger as a trampoline is something to keep in mind. Glass and mosaic tiles are lovely- but all it takes is one mishap for them to turn your outdoor oasis into a danger zone.

Color choice is a big consideration when you’re planning for patio time with youngsters. The kids may want to bring their art supplies (and snacks) outside while mom and dad have a happy hour or grill out. White is one of those colors where you’re taking a gamble in general, but especially with creative kiddos wanting to show off their latest creations or join you on the chaise with a sippy cup of Juicy Juice. Choosing removable and washable cushion covers in darker shades, as well as dark, sturdy wooden frames for your furniture will help to keep it functional and in the family for years to come. 


Think about creating an adjacent but separate play area just for the kids, so that they still feel included but have an area with things like a sandbox, play structure, and modular furniture. Keeping things fairly standardized in aesthetics also prevents arguments over who gets “the cool chair.” Many parents are opting for miniature versions of their own patio furniture so that there is continuity in design without a neon yellow, plastic children’s chair stealing all the attention for example. 


Weatherproof, durable options abound nowadays, so have fun selecting the perfect patio furniture for the whole family!

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