Choosing an Outdoor Patio Rug

March 17, 2022


March 20th is the first day of spring! Being that spring will officially be in the air, it’s time to start thinking about patio decor and furnishings. Similar to your indoor spaces, something that really ties a patio together is a lovely rug. Not only do outdoor rugs look striking, but they also offer protection for your feet and your deck from the summer sun. The material, size, and design of your potential rug are all something to take into consideration as you revamp your spring patio and prepare to spend time outdoors. We’re going to touch on a few different material options and weigh the pros & cons of the various types of patio rugs that are available.  

Synthetic: affordable, durable, lightweigh


Polypropylene is a popular synthetic patio rug material that is weather and fade-resistant. It is good for high-traffic areas because of its durability and is easy to clean with cold water and a mild detergent. These features make polypropylene rugs an ideal choice for families with small children and pets. A slip-free pad would be a good idea with these types of rugs, as they can be a little slick on wood or concrete surfaces. 

Recycled plastic mats are a more sustainable choice being that they’re constructed from repurposed polypropylene. With a multitude of patterns, shapes, and sizes you are sure to find one that will tie your patio together perfectly. In fact, many are reversible, which means you could mix things up by season with two different patio design themes. Recycled plastic mats are mold and mildew resistant and can simply be hosed off when dirty. They too would do well with anti-slip padding underneath to prevent them from sliding. 

Natural: soft, timeless, eco-friendly


If you’re going for a more zen feel with your patio design, jute rugs offer a lovely hand-woven, natural look that blends well with the outdoor elements. With their unfinished appearance, they have an organic charm and are soft underfoot. Jute is more delicate than synthetic options but it can be cleaned by using a 50/50 mixture of water and white vinegar, gently rubbing out spots with a microfiber cloth. Jute rugs are heavier than the aforementioned materials, so you shouldn’t need any anti-slip pads, but their weight will also mean that they’re more of a challenge to move around or shake out. 

Bamboo rugs are another natural-looking, eco-friendly choice. Incredibly lightweight, yet durable in high-traffic areas, these are another great option for active families. Most bamboo rugs are stain-resistant. Just wipe them clean! And many are made with a polyester border and non-skid backing, which keeps them from cracking or fraying. This type of backing also helps them stay in place on your patio. 


Choosing the perfect rugs for your outdoor entertaining areas will be one of the many design choices you’ll get to make this spring. As things thaw out, and our patios, porches, and decks are once again free from snow, we’re all eager to get to work making them as beautiful as they can be in preparation for a much anticipated Minnesota patio season.

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