Anxious to Dig in the Dirt? Start with These 5 Indoor Plants!

February 15, 2017

Anxious to dig in the dirt? Start with these 5 indoor plants!

Mr. Groundhog saw his shadow, so we technically have at least six weeks left of winter. Despite mild temperatures, it’s still hard to wait until we can dig in the dirt again. Until spring arrives, here are five great choices for indoor plants to care for:


Aloe – Aloe, with its distinctive elongated leaves, is an easy to grow indoor plant. Aloe vera (a smaller version) is great to keep on a sunny kitchen window or in dish gardens. Avoid keeping in high traffic areas because of its spikey leaves.


Begonia – Annual begonia is about as easy as it gets. It comes in a variety of colors and does well in light shade with rich, well-drained soil. Water and fertilize often, and when the danger of frost has passed, replant them outdoors.


Snake plant – Looking for a plant that can withstand almost total neglect? This is it! A carefree, tough succulent, Snake plant grows almost anywhere and is great for beginners. Its sword-shape leaves grow edged with yellow or white and houseplant growers love it for its dramatic upright form.The smaller rosette varieties make nice desktop or tabletop plants.


Gebera daisies – These happy, colorful blooms are not only cheerful, but give off oxygen overnight which can help improve your sleep. For best results, place it near a bright light or window.


Hoya – This trailing plant is a trailing variety and shows off both smooth, shiny foliage and pink or white flowers with red centers. The waxy, sweetly scented flowers give hoya its alternate common name, wax plant. Place in hanging baskets or train it to grow upward along a trellis. Small-leaf types can be trained into topiaries. The easiest of the clan is Hoya carnosa.

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