Adding Value when Selling your Minneapolis Home

May 20, 2021

Properties can run the gamut when it comes to outdoor amenities like summer kitchens, pools, orchards, and expansive gardens. It’s hard to know whether your potential buyer will be the kind of person who delights in the idea of these things or is completely turned off by the amount of time and energy they will require. We have a few suggestions for your property that have a great return on investment, and which should also appeal to even the most discerning of tastes when you decide it’s time to sell your home. 

A front yard boasting stellar curb appeal is certainly worth putting a focus on, but backyards can be just as big a selling point for some. Most buyers want a quiet home that offers some solace away from the hustle and bustle of the world at large. For those in search of a tranquil oasis, investing a portion of your budget into noise reduction is a good way to accomplish this. The sound of a babbling brook or fountain can do wonders for washing away those daily stressors. And the gentle rustling of leaves will block out a substantial amount of traffic sound. But nothing offers a noise barrier quite like a good old-fashioned fence! Buyers will be looking for a fence that is free of broken panels and offers privacy, as well as provides a safety barrier for kids and pets. There are a lot of noisy places in the world, but your backyard doesn’t need to be one of them!

For a low-maintenance approach, pavers and pathways can provide a clean and streamlined look that requires little upkeep. They add value to your home, last for years, and come in many striking options. Try your hand at xeriscaping (dry-scaping)  which requires little water but adds a splash of interest to your exterior spaces. Potted succulents in a variety of decorative sizes add depth and dimension and can be moved indoors during the winter months. Or just add in a few lovely scrubs, perennials, annuals, and groundcover plants that thrive without a lot of attention to them. Here’s a list of 21 low-maintenance plants for you to add to your gardens.

A fresh coat of stain on your decks and patios, new mulch, and a cut and edged lawn might seem like little details, but they will make your property stand out from the others. Of course, things like an underground pool or a gleaming summer kitchen may seem like paradise to one buyer, but another might view them as a headache from an upkeep standpoint. There is no perfect formula, but keeping things clean and well-groomed is probably your best bet when it comes to appealing to your prospective buyers. It’s your market right now, so happy selling! 


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