3 Reasons for Landscaping your Minneapolis Home

May 27, 2021

There are multitudes of reasons both practical and personal that make landscaping important. Whether you’re seeking to add value, create a vibe, or combat the elements, landscaping is a way to personalize and prioritize the features that are most important to you. 

Retaining walls are a great example where landscaping can serve a purpose by way of preventing erosion on your property. Without retaining walls, wind and rain can wreak havoc on your grass, gardens, and even your foundation. Retaining walls- though functional in nature, are also visually striking and can help frame your property as well as keep rocks where they belong so none become dislodged and pose a safety risk. 

Without proper landscaping, your lawn can easily become flooded during seasonal rains. Nobody wants a mud puddle for a yard! Landscaping can help direct storm runoff away from vulnerable areas and into more beneficial places like rain gardens, barrels, or down into storm drains. Creating a slope to your yard and adding drainage areas near your driveways is a worthwhile investment, but little things like adding native plants and mulch can also have an impact on keeping your yard dry- even in the spring and fall.

Your yard is an oasis, and landscaping can really help to transform your space from blah to beautiful. Whether your preference is the luxury of an in-ground pool or the simplicity of a Zen garden, landscaping plays a huge role in making a space feel like it’s “yours.” Creating secluded little nooks where you can get lost in a book or listen to the birds is a necessary and well-deserved notion. It doesn’t matter if your flavor is a glorious summer kitchen where you can entertain friends and family or a tranquil pond enjoyed in solitude, tailoring your outdoor spaces to your desires is part of the excitement of being a homeowner, and we share your enthusiasm! No matter the size of your yard, we understand the importance of making this extension of your home as lovely and functional as possible.

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