3 Outdoor Game Ideas for your Next Party!

June 12, 2017

Summer’s here and party season is in full swing. Whether it’s a graduation open house, birthday party or neighborhood barbecue, it’s fun to have outdoor games to entertain guests of all ages. Here are 3 of our favorites:


Kubb is a fun outdoor lawn game also known as ‘Viking Chess’. The object of the game is to knock down all opposing team five Kubbs and finally topple the King, in that order, using your Batons. You can play with as many as 12 or as little as 2 people, and teams do not have to be equal numbers.

Want to learn hoow to make one? Check out this easy tutorial.

Bean Bag Toss/Corn Hole (What Do YOU Call It?)

A staple of outdoor games, the bean bag toss (aka corn hole) is a party favorite for all ages.  It’s fun and easy – and you can make your own if you’re a DIYer. Here’s a link.

Jumbo Jenga

An oversized version of the original, this game is fun for kids and adults. It’s available in stores, or if you have extra lumber lying around, make your own!

Tips on Caring for Newly Installed Sod

New sod needs regular watering until the root system is fully established – usually one full growing season, but maybe more in heavy soil. Here’s a guide:

Weeks 1 and 2: Soak it daily with ½” of water (about ½ hour)

Week 3: Soak it every other day with ½” of water (about ½ hour) – or if it is very dry, then every day to ½” (about ½ hour)

Week 4 and beyond: Soak with 1” of water (about 1 hour) once or twice a week as needed.

First mowing: When the sod is 4-5” high. Mow down to 3”.

Fertilizer: Wait 60 days after the sod is laid to apply fertilizer. Summer sod does well if it is fertilized in September. Sod laid in the fall should not be fertilized until the following May

Find more tips on our website under Aftercare.

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